Wednesday, November 14, 2018

QR codes!!!

So today we have been learning about Linking to our blog and to make a QR code. Also this DLO is for our whanau that they can look at out blog. So I tested my QR codes and they work Perfectly. Here are some steps on how you can get to my blog with your phone.
1. Get your phone
2. Go on camera
3. Point your camera to the QR code
4. Then there will be a pop-up or a notification
5. Click on that
6. Then your at my blog or my classroom Blog.

What was easy was Learning how to add my QR code to my Presentation.
What was hard was nothing.

Here is my DLO I hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 9, 2018

My Mihi

Here is my Mihi and My School's Mihi. 

What was easy was Nothing.
What was hard was remembering my Mihi.

Here is my Work

My Learning wall

Here is my Learning wall. As you can see I did my Learning wall on Padlet.

What was easy was making it so pretty.
What was hard was finding out what I scored on my test.

Here is my Learning Wall.

Slappy is coming for you!!!

Hello this is my reading. For SSR I read this book. I think its very very interesting. Just because the cover is scary doesn't mean the book is scary. Wait it is.

What was easy was nothing.
What was hard was looking at the cover.

Here is my work.

Dallying with Decimals

Here is our maths. This is our maths game we play. It is really really fun. I love this game. You should really play it.

What was hard was nothing.
What was easy was playing the game.

Here is my work.

Blog comment of the week

Hello these are my comments. I think there pretty good comments.

Nga mihi Kohl-lee

Genius Hour

Here is our car. We are still working on it. We still need to make the fan and our other car.

What was easy was Nothing.
What was hard everything.

Here is my car.