Friday, March 31, 2017

WALT group similar ideas into paragraphs.

My next step is planing my main ideas without the teachers help.

Image result for animated landfill diagramI can read my work and say what each paragraph is about.

What I felt hard was grouping ideas


I strongly believe that throwing away all items in the landfill is hurting the environment.
For example, what If lots and lots of people throw away reusable things? What will happen If  people keep on putting their rubbish in the landfill ?

Firstly If you recycle things you’re not hurting the environment. Did you know what recycling means? We’ll I can tell you recycling means when you use things to make new things. When you're recycling  you’re keeping the environment clean. Did you know if you recycle your making less rubbish. You can also recycle lots of things like glass bottles,bottles,paper,cardboard,cans and much more things.

Secondly you should not throw away things if you didn’t even look at what you were throwing away. I would start recycling it's the right thing to do. So you wouldn’t have to throw away things. So let’s start recycling instead of throwing things away .  

Thirdly I think we should do things for the environment. So lets help and remind everyone to pick up their rubbish. Then we will be helping the environment. The really good If we remind people about picking up their rubbish.

Also you can reuse things. Do you know what reuse means we'll reuse means when you are using things that was someone else. You can reuse many things like old clothes that you can fit. You can use old things to make lots of things. You can also reuse old material to make things.

In Summary as I said throwing away all objects is the wrong thing to do.  You should remember to recycle or reuse things. It makes you feel good about yourself. So we should not throw away things. If you keep on throwing away things you would feel bad.

Agree or disagree

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Rubbish stink!

This week I have been learning to gather,sort and display information. We wanted to find out what families at Tautoro School do with there waste.

Firstly we created a questionnaire. Then we made  tally charts and used Google sheets to present the information. One thing I Learned was how to make a questionnaire.  We had to have closed questions or multi choice questions
Half Of Tautoro School Feeds their Organic Waste to Animals.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Do you know what the symbols = < and > means.

I am learning to understand and use the maths symbols = < and > to create my own word problems.

I thought It was fun as to learn some new things.
I felt nervous though because I thought I might get something wrong.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

School values are awsome.

WALT think about creative ways to promote and teach our values.

I FELT HAPPY AND NERVOUS. I WAS CREATIVE BECAUSE I WAS ACTING we used kizoa to make our videos. What I found hard was remembering my lines. My next step is to be more creative.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This is my holiday recount. I have tried to poof read my own writing.

Tuesday 14th 2017        

At Matauri Bay

On an amazing underwater adventure.  I rushed to put on my diving gear on to go snorkeling. Boom! The waves almost tackled me over. Then I dived in the water. Next minute I said”wow that's outstanding”:. I saw hundreds of baby fish. Later on my dad,brother and I went deeper and deeper in the water. I Saw a lot of Baby fish It was incredible. I loved it down on the water. I love looking at all the different coloured fish shortly after we went back to the tent. We had some lunch we had  chips,sprite zero, chocolate, Sandwiches and Coke Zero,The food was delicious . I felt full. Then I waited for ten minutes. I was looking at different shaped rocks and shells. It was fun looking for rocks and shells. Then I was allowed back in the water. I bought my Surfboard I saw a humongous wave coming.  I started to paddle I was paddling and paddling I caught the wave it was fun as. Then another humongous wave came Jordan came to catch the wave I said ”Three two one go” We blasted away like a rocket it was super fun. The  sun was going down we had to go have dinner and get change. We had sausages,potato and mayo salad. That was yummy. Then I went to sleep. I thought It was fun going snorkeling and Surfing.But I felt really really really tired.