Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Come on lets go learn about the spelling rules.

We are learning the spelling rules when making a singular word plural.

What I thought what was easy was learning about it.
What I thought what was hard was to putting what it was it my own way.

Come on there is a dance party in room 5.

In our class we are learning about elements of dance. The dance element are body awareness,space and time. The Ideas I like dancing to are melting  and freeze frames.

E-waste is short for electronic waste. How do electronics become E-waste? I found out that your electronics can become old fashion. They could become obsolete (Useless) or your electronics can break. How does your electronics end up in the dump? So when the latest electronic device comes out then you will try to buy that latest one. Then you will throw away your old one. For example, I saw a Iphone 7 I wanted that. Then I threw away my phone in the rubbish bin. That is what everyone does. For a fact It is expensive to get it fixed.

We are making a class dance our dance it's is going to be about electronic waste.

Here are some pics of us.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Don't you just love learning about maths. Yay

WALT understand proper fractions, Improper fractions and Mixed fractions are.

What I thought that was easy was learning about them.
What I thought what was hard was understanding those fractions the first time but then I am getting it now.

My next step is to change Improper to mixed fractions quickly.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Who loves Te reo Maori I know I do. I hope you enjoy.

These are the items I want to learn 

I will reach my goals because I would practice everyday.

What I thought was hard was naming the items in Te reo Maori.
What I thought was easy was getting the picture's

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ready to read my story. I hoped you enjoyed my story.

 Dinosaur Kingdom
What I found easy was creating my story.
What I found hard was punctuation.

My next step Is Having more complex sentences and making my story less longer. 

W.A.L.T give and respond to feedback from our friends (Sp, ?,Punc great word choice)
W.A.L.T use a variety of sentence types simple,compound and complex (Level 4 adverbial beginning)
Image result for dinosaur world auckland

“Ahh dinosaurs are attacking me”my family and I went to Dinosaur Kingdom. I was excited and I was filled with joy, I just wanted to scream out Dinosaur Kingdom. I actually did my mum told me to shush . I screamed out loud so hard that my mums phone screen cracked. Anyways we finally Arrived I jumped out of that car and I Boosted out I was almost there My mum yelled “ Come back her now.” Then I had to hold mums hand.

After that we walked into the butterflies . First I saw some beautiful wings. Heaps of  butterflies landed on me. It was freaky. I thought it was weird because heaps of butterflies landed on my head. Then there were these monkeys but  I forgot  what their name were.  Then I saw a huge crocodile I shouted out “ Wow that is really big it's like bigger than our car! And It was.

Later on we saw some yuck bugs. There were heaps of Tarantula’s they were so cool and so freaky. Then I saw some of these fish. They had no tail I could see their bones if they had any. Then we left we went to look at the dinosaurs my baby brother Jaryn was so excited. Raor! The dinosaurs were roaring as loud as they could.  Jaryn saw a Pterodactyl. l it was flying high it was on a string. We saw a T rex too It looks freaky. I was sacking. Then we saw a museum I said” look there Is a Moa” My sister said ” what is a Moa” I had to explain it over and over then I said” It's is a very large bird that died years ago.”

Then there was a big egg that people could hop into my mum took a picture. While my brother and sister was laughing. Choot! Choot!” We went on a colorful train. We were going super fast on the train. While we were chugging past we spotted some creepy dinosaurs.

An hour later we went to the farm. I said,” Why would they have a farm at Dinosaur Kingdom? then I was strolling down the pathway. I a park. Then I saw a bunny rabbit, Guinea pigs, sheep , Hamsters, Little yellow ducks, chickens and even big pigs. I loved it at the farm. I asked my mum  “ can I please get a Guinea Pigs”  My mum said  “NO.” I was sad and I didn’t talk the whole way. I was so sad but then my mum made my happy again .She said “ maybe one day you can get a Guinea Pig”. Then we went back to the car. We got something to eat and we were driving home.

I thought that was the bestest day ever and I felt really tired from walking. I will  never forget that time that I spent time with my family. (THE END)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Guess what it's Problem solving time.

I am learning to share my thinking by using words, material or pictures.

What I thought was hard was trying to say what I did to solve the answer.
What I thought was easy was getting the answers.