Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Come on there is a dance party in room 5.

In our class we are learning about elements of dance. The dance element are body awareness,space and time. The Ideas I like dancing to are melting  and freeze frames.

E-waste is short for electronic waste. How do electronics become E-waste? I found out that your electronics can become old fashion. They could become obsolete (Useless) or your electronics can break. How does your electronics end up in the dump? So when the latest electronic device comes out then you will try to buy that latest one. Then you will throw away your old one. For example, I saw a Iphone 7 I wanted that. Then I threw away my phone in the rubbish bin. That is what everyone does. For a fact It is expensive to get it fixed.

We are making a class dance our dance it's is going to be about electronic waste.

Here are some pics of us.

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