Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Science rules!

Drink Water or else!

Here is my writing.

The easy thing was thinking of the ideas
The hard thing was making examples to go with my writing

WALT use : and ; correctly

Drink water or else!


WALT use : and ; correctly

Drink water or else!


At Tautoro School we are doing the Water Challenge. The challenge is to switch our sugary drinks to water for 30 days! You may think that's ten centuries. Well it's not even, it's just 30 days! Unless you're too scared to do the 30 day challenge. Why would anyone want to drink water for 30 days? Well, I am going to explain why sugary drinks are harmful to our health.But you will think that water is Dumb to drink and sugary drinks are the best. That's why i’m here to tell you some facts why sugar’s are very dangerous.

Dangers in acids

One reason why sugary & diet drinks are so dangerous because there are acids in your drinks. The matufactures are not telling you that there are hidden acids in  types of drinks. If you drink a drink that has heaps of acid in it it will effect inside of your body. In fact we did a class experiment. We put eggs into a container of sugary drinks and left them there for a few days. To see what was going to happen. Also a egg was rotting so bad it look liked the shell skin was burning off

You can gain weight if you drink sugary drinks
You might think that sugary drinks are delicious and you would drink them all the time. Well if you like sugary drinks then you like to gain weight. For example do you like drinking mountain dew or sprite. Well it has heaps of calories and no if you have too much calories you can gain weight. Even energy drinks make you gain weight. What if you are working out and you drink energy drinks and you waste your time. Did you know if you drink water it doesn’t make you gain weight because it has no calories in it.Did you know if you drink a can of fizzy every day all year you will gain 6.5kgs.Being obese puts you at greater risk of : heart disease,kidney disease,type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers.

Health problems
Another reason why sugary drinks can cause health problems . Like heart cancer, cancer,diabetes and much more. Do you want to die at a young age? Also children are dying at a young age because they’re drinking way too much fizzy drinks. Do you want this to happen to you? Your brain wants you to have a healthy and amazing body. So that means you have to drink healthy thinks even if you don’t want too.

In conclusion, we are switching to water because fizzy drinks has heaps of acid in it.  also it can make you gain weight and fizzy drinks can cause health problems. So switch to water and be a better person.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The professional's at cleaning.

WALT create advertisements

This video was created with we-video and I created this advert.

I was successful because I had big words,Provide necessary detail also I was keeping to my color theme.

I need to work on is having instrumental music

The hard thing was nothing
The easy thing was making this video and cleaning the cars.

This advert is about our market day what we are doing.
We are going to clean inside of cars.

Hope my team mates see you there on December the 1st 4.00-6.00

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Science Rules!

In class I am doing an experiment.
Are sugary & diet drinks harmful?

My Hypothesis is I think that the egg shell is going to change color.

I observed that if you drink red bull then it will dissolve your inside.
Red bull zero is the most acidic drink we tested.
Here are some photos

Friday, November 3, 2017

Who Loves Numbers!!!

We are learning to know the different ways we represent numbers

Our task was to come up with numbers our numbers had to go up to the millions

What I found hard was naming those big numbers.I found millions hard to read too.

What I found easy was recording it.

My next step is to name even harder numbers.

There might be mistakes but comment down below.

Here is our video

Don't Be a Lazy Couch Potato.

This is my writing assessment. I have tried to independently improve my sentences I am looking to check that they make sense. I am checking my punctuation. 

I am still learning about complex sentences.
I think I'm good at knowing Simple and compound. 

Don't Be a Lazy Couch Potato.

You may think that music is better than sports well I’m here to tell you sports is much more important than music. Agree or disagree? Isn’t this what everyone wants?

Firstly I think that sports is more important than music because you can make new friends in sports. Do you make friends in music? I didn’t think so. When you make friends in sports they help you do sports they’re like your whanau( Family). For example, What if you were a shameful loner and you didn’t even have friends even your brother or sister didn’t even talk to you. When you played sports for the first time and you were popular at it you would have friends and your brother or sister liked you and they wanted to be your friend. For example, What if you went to the Olympics and you meet new people and they wanted to be your friends.  What if you had heaps of friends. Wouldn’t you like that? I know I would.

In other words sports is more important than music because you get fit and healthy and you get tons of energy. For example, Whenever I run I make tons of energy and if you run everyday then you would get tons of energy too. If you aren’t fit and healthy well here’s your chance to make that happen. You can be dieing because of obese, cancer, heart attack there are more things you can die from for not playing sports.  I think it’s tragic seeing people dying at a young age or at a old age because they never ever played sports in there life. Added to this, what if you were dieing and you family showed you sports and Boom you were as fit as you brother and sister.

Finally I think sports is way more important than music because you won’t be addicted to technology. I think it's appalling that some people don’t even know how to play sports. Don’t you think that too? Get of you lazy butt’s people and do something in your life go outside, get fresh air, play some sports. Get of that couch or bed of yours and do something make a change in your life. Unless you want to be a lazy as couch potato that was dieing because from cancer because you didn’t know how to play sports. For example, what if technology wasn’t invented  what would you do in your spare time  would you be playing sports.

In summary as I said this in the beginning  I think that sports is more important than music is you can make new friends and also meet new friends, You can be fit and healthy  also you won’t be addicted to technology.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Read it like a professional

We are learning to read with fluency
To be successful I will:

  • Pause at commas
  • Stop at full stops
  • Sound natural (not like a robot)
  • Adjust my reading speed when I come  to difficult words

When I listen to my reading I know that I Paused at commas and stop at full stops.

I will continue on not sounding like a robot. I also need to adjust my reading speed when I come to difficult words.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Maths is fun to do.

WALT predict the likelihood of events based upon observations and experience.

The hardest thing was the second to last equation
The easiest thing was the first equation.

1. Whaea Lana had 10 cubes n a box. Without looking she took a cube out and recorded its colour in the chart and put it back into the box. She did this 20 x. If she takes one more out what colour will it most likely be?

Number of Times

Answer:  GREEN

2. In a gumball machine there were 300 yellow balls, 150 purple balls, 200 green balls and 50 orange balls. They are all mixed up. You put your money in and one gum ball comes out. What colour ball is it  least likely to be?
Answer:  Orange gumballs

3. Maui  spun this spinner, what space is it most likely to land on?

Answer:  Red

4. Andy  made a spinner. What is the likelihood of it landing on black?
Poor chance, Even chance, Good Chance, Impossible, or Certain?  

Answer: Even chance

On the same spinner, what is the chance of it landing on green?

5. To win a game James must spin and land on an even number on this spinner. What are his chances of spinning an even number? certain, unlikely or impossible?
Answer:  He wouldn’t get an even number he would get an odd
Number he might get the number 5.

10. When Seddon flips a coin what are the chances of it landing heads up?  Answer:  A good chance
Andy is getting a lollie. He does not look while he picks, what is the chance of picking a green lollie?
  1. No chance
  2. Bad chance
  3. Even chance
  4. Good chance
  5. certain

11.  Letisha has a bag with 5 grey balls, 4 yellow balls and 2 striped balls. What are the chances of getting a yellow ball?
A) 4 out of 7
B) 7 out of 5
C) 4 out of 11
D) 7 out of 11

Answer:  4 out of 7

James predicts it is very likely that he will get chosen for the touch team. Mark his chance on the scale below


Sam predicts he has an even chance for getting picked for the team. Mark his chance on the scale below


6. The probability of getting 3 red lights in a row on Queen St is 2 out of 70. How can you write that probability aa fraction?
Answer:  I don’t really get this one And my teacher has to teach me how to do this one.

7. Our lolly jar contains two red lollies and one blue lollie. Whaea Lana takes one and eats it, and then laviniah takes one lolly out. Which statement is NOT possible?A Whaea’s lollie and Laviniah’s lollie is red. B) Whaea’s lollie is red and Laviniah’s is blue. C) Whaea’s Lollie is yellow and Laviniah’s is red. D) Whaea’s lollie is yellow and Laviniah’s lollie is yellow.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Rough Riders are here.

WALT know the movie making process.

The easiest  thing was acting and getting my props.
The hardest thing was to remember my lines.

I learnt something and it was if you stand by the wall it can see the green screen. 

Next time I want to  remember all of my lines of by heart.

I know that I learned something because my team was working together and we were one successful team.We could completely work by ourselves. Also we all had fun doing the acting and wearing our props. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Business's are attacking!!

WALT know what idioms are and to discuss examples.

Hello we are learning about business so my group and I diced to do a play.

I thought that it was easy to act.
I thought it was hard to remember my lines.

Here is the play. I hope you enjoy.

Rounding machines

   WALT round numbers to the nearest 10 , 100, 1000, whole number and tenth.

The easiest thing was thinking of the numbers to put in. 
The hardest thing was to come up with the answers for a whole and a tenth.

If their any mistakes comment down below and leave positive comments.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Strategies are attacking!!

WALT: communicate how we solve problems.
What I thought what was easy was solving the first problem
What I thought what was hard was solving those other problems.

If I have a mistake please comment down below and remember leave positive comments.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I hate phone factories

In class I had to write a recount from the perspective (view) of a child working in a sweatshop. I chose to be a kid working in a electronic factory.

What was I learning in writing? WALT use descriptive words and phrases to enhance the mood of fear or sadness.

I think I was successful because in my work I can see that I used descriptive language. I had fear and sadness.

What I thought was hard was trying to use the best type of language.
What I thought was easy was writing what was it about.

We are also trying to proof-read for accuracy of complex punctuation.

The phone factory.
On one foggy and chilly  Monday morning I couldn’t see the light. I don’t want go to the phone factory in  Bangladesh . Hi my name is Zingy and my friend name is Eva-la we work in a phone factory. I felt so exhausted my legs were groping to the ground my eyes shut as fast as a dog running. I work for seven days a week .

I had to wake up at 1:00 am I was as tried as a sloth.  I had to go through a sticky swamp I saw dead fish and animal bones.It smelt so bad. I had to walk through a cave with bats and spider ; felt spooky my legs wanted to go faster. Fear crept all over me. My body was shaking. Water dripped on me. Then I climbed up this steep hill. I wanted to faint  because it was too high up. My body felt like one million feet high.  Then I reached the factory . You’re five minutes late!  my boss yelled. I started to quiver . I saw Eva-la she was banging metal. Eva-la Fainted everyone said.  What has happened!  The boss screamed. Eva-la has fainted. The boss went over to her and yelled “ Wake up!” Eva-la woke up. Start working! Will anything good ever happen to me.

Five Hours later the buzzer goes off. Errrrrrrrr!  It is time for lunch. Ew! I thought in my head look at the gooey mashed potatoes yuck! My mouth felt like it was about to throw up. It looked like mud. I think I have to make a complain. When I was right by mister Benson the fourth I thought that maybe he might make me do extra work. The buzzer goes off again. Back to work!   My boss shouted, I gobbled the mashed potatoes.  I wish I could disappear I thought. I made on phone. I got payed forty four cents

Finally, it is 11:50 am . I can finish work and go to sleep . While I was going to sleep I dreamed that I was in my pool swimming in trillions  notes. Mister Benson the fourth could do all my work. Then I thought  I  was too exhausted to work any more.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Rounding monsters.

We are learning to round to the nearest 10,100,1000,tenth and whole.
The hardest things in rounding are rounding to the nearest whole and tenth.
Find the place
look right next store 
5 or more you raise the score.
4 or less let it rests
Look to the right put zeros in sight. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pictographs are attacking.

It is important that I look at the key because you can understand the pictograph properly and if you miss the key you would get your work wrong.

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

                  Money Made at the Garage Sale
Key: =  $ 6

How much money was made on Tuesday?  27
How much more money was made on Wednesday? 6
How much more money was made on Monday than Thursday? 12 more dollars .

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I love birthdays don't you

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language.
 I need to keep learning about descriptive language.  

Image result for birthday party food

“Your turning five already!” I screamed, My whole family went to my cousin Daley's birthday. It was on a Thursday night at my aunt Erana’s House.
When I walked into the house I was just shocked my eyes lit up they had sparkles in them. I was amazed because I saw some paw patrol decorations.I felt like dancing in the sky. I couldn’t believe that I was standing in a Paw Patrol themed party. My brain went to amazing land. Everyone was here at Daley’s birthday party. I nibbled on some chocolate when no one was looking.

A few minutes traveled past and Everyone was lining up. I was the first one to line up. We were lining up so we can eat some divine food. Maybe it came from heaven.  “delicious” as my stomach Grumbled . I grabbed hot dogs,chips,sprite,I ate eight butter chicken pizza. My stomach looked volcano like it was about to erupt. Have you ever felt that way. A few bites later we were having a dance party. I was jumping up and down then spinning all around. I was the best person dancing , as I thought to myself, I was the only one dancing. Do you like dancing in front of people  Suddenly I turned around and bled while everyone was watching. My cousin yelled” Go Kohl-lee.”

A few seconds later “Cake time” my aunt shouted. I was so excited the cake looked so marvelous I wanted to shove it in my face. We sang “ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you.” Daley blew his candles out and his dad sliced the cake. “Look it is a rainbow cake” my cousin Dalton  screamed. I was the first one to eat the cake. “I love you” my stomach said to the cake. That is outstanding when I took a bite my eyes looked like love hearts and I thought I was flying. The cake was gone in a minute. I felt so full, I wanted to hurl.My mouth looked green. A few big bites later I went to go dance. Then we went home we waved and said “goodbye” Then I fell asleep.

I will never forget how delicious that cake was.The best part was eating the cake. I thought it was a cool as day. I felt like I ate too much candy. (The end)