Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I love birthdays don't you

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language.
 I need to keep learning about descriptive language.  

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“Your turning five already!” I screamed, My whole family went to my cousin Daley's birthday. It was on a Thursday night at my aunt Erana’s House.
When I walked into the house I was just shocked my eyes lit up they had sparkles in them. I was amazed because I saw some paw patrol decorations.I felt like dancing in the sky. I couldn’t believe that I was standing in a Paw Patrol themed party. My brain went to amazing land. Everyone was here at Daley’s birthday party. I nibbled on some chocolate when no one was looking.

A few minutes traveled past and Everyone was lining up. I was the first one to line up. We were lining up so we can eat some divine food. Maybe it came from heaven.  “delicious” as my stomach Grumbled . I grabbed hot dogs,chips,sprite,I ate eight butter chicken pizza. My stomach looked volcano like it was about to erupt. Have you ever felt that way. A few bites later we were having a dance party. I was jumping up and down then spinning all around. I was the best person dancing , as I thought to myself, I was the only one dancing. Do you like dancing in front of people  Suddenly I turned around and bled while everyone was watching. My cousin yelled” Go Kohl-lee.”

A few seconds later “Cake time” my aunt shouted. I was so excited the cake looked so marvelous I wanted to shove it in my face. We sang “ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you.” Daley blew his candles out and his dad sliced the cake. “Look it is a rainbow cake” my cousin Dalton  screamed. I was the first one to eat the cake. “I love you” my stomach said to the cake. That is outstanding when I took a bite my eyes looked like love hearts and I thought I was flying. The cake was gone in a minute. I felt so full, I wanted to hurl.My mouth looked green. A few big bites later I went to go dance. Then we went home we waved and said “goodbye” Then I fell asleep.

I will never forget how delicious that cake was.The best part was eating the cake. I thought it was a cool as day. I felt like I ate too much candy. (The end)

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  1. Hi Kohl-lee what a cool story you did of the birthday yous had the cakes and muffins looked nice. See you later kohl-lee.