Thursday, May 30, 2019

Who Loves sports???


Who loves sports? I know I do. I only like it because it tests my camunications, Problem-soving and its just fun. If your like me, I am really agressive esspecially in Basket Ball. I'm only like that because I love love love winning ( Like my dad). My dad is our Basket Ball coach. My dad will make you work harder and harder. He is really hard on my brother. But still its good motivation for him. 

Anyways here is my work

Blog comment of the week to Hanah!!!

So this is my comment to Hanah. I thought she did an amazing job with her writing. I thought my comment was actually really good. I did...

- Greeting
- Say Something you liked
- Make a Suggestion
- This reminds me of...
- Ask a Question
- Leave link to blog

Who loves Gardening?


So this term we had to split up unto two groups. One Robotics and the other Gardening. So this is what we have been doing for the last couple of weeks. I had just moved to this group becuase my friends wanted me to be in the planting group. So This is our work. 

I normally hate getting my hands really dirty with mud so as soon as I knew that we were doing garding I was atomatically going to hate it. But I didnt, Today was the first time we actually went in the garden but we didn't even touch any dirt we were just cleaning up the greenhouse because it had heaps of rubbish in it. Don't worry we had cloves on. 

Here is our work and we hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Roopu Porohita

WALT: E ako ana matou ki te.korero nga ra o te wiki, nga marama o te tau me te wa.

I will be posting my Te reo Video as soon as I can but we have to still edit it.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy

Google Eaths Maths

Google Eaths Maths

So we are learning about coordinates. Which is very hard! We had only a little bit of time to finish this and none of us are finish, but I am letting you see what we are doing for maths.

It was so stressful trying to put the coordinate in the Google Earth. 

Here is our work we hope you enjoy

Persuasive Writing Topic

Week 5 - Persuasive Writing Topic

Mon/Tues - Use appropriate language for persuasive text.

SC - I will identify key language features, give examples of what that looks like in full sentences, give feedback or suggestions to my partner(s).

So my persuasive writing is about
(Why Kids should do their homework) This is our planning.

Who hates ScareCrows!!!

Who hates ScareCrows!!!

So this week I have been reading about ( The ScareCrow walks at midnight). This is a very Interesting book. If you really hate ScareCrows then if I were you I wouldn't read this book. 

Here is my Work I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Where Dummies are alive

Where Dummies are alive
So this is a book that I have been reading this whole week. I have read up to the 12th chapater. I Love reading about goose bumps because I love the mystery and the adventure.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy.

Here is my writing

Blog commenting

Blog Comment of the week!

This is what we have to do?
- Greeting
- Say Something you liked
- Make a Suggestion
- This reminds me of...
- Ask a Question
- Leave link to blog

Te reo

Raapa rua tekau ma rua mo nga ra o te marama o haratua.

-Nga ra o te wiki

- Nga marama o te tau

Here is my work I hope you enjoy

Friday, May 24, 2019



So today we went to technology. We did heaps of things today. 

1. We started of by finishing off last weeks mahi
2. Then we started cooking. Today we cooked bread again.
3. After that we did some woodwork. 

Then we catched the bus back to school.

I hope you enjoy our technology Presentation.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dosen't eveyone love mazes

WALT: Create a basic using Scratch Jr.

Sc: I will…

  • Create arrows to be the game controllers.
  • Add codes to each arrow to make it move in each direction.
  • Add and code a character.
  • Take Screenshots of each character code.
  • Create a Screencast of my finished game.

Before we even started I thought it was so boring. Until my eyes shifted to the teacher and my head was telling me “ Hurry up and listen”. So then I listened and everything seemed so easy.

Half way through
The pressure kicked in. It was so stressful. I got quite annoyed. I was thinking of giving up. So then I knew I had to ask a teacher for help.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

WK 3 Spelling test


This post is about my results on my spelling test I had on Friday. 
I was so excited because I got 20/20 in my test.

So I hope you enjoy

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Quality Blog Comment

Visit to Kawakawa School- "Nga Rau Rangatira".

We had to make sure that we...
- Greeting
- Say Something you liked
- Make a Suggestion
- This reminds me of...
- Ask a Question
- Leave link to blog

I forgot to make a suggestion.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Spelling vocab!!!

Spelling vocab
So today I am going to share with you my whole spelling list and what there meanings are. I am doing this because I didn't know what most of my words meant so here is my spelling vocab.

SC: I will
- Write what the meaning is.
- Write what the meaning is in my own words.
- Write a sentence with that word.

Here is my spelling vocab

Do you know how to speak Te Reo Maori?

Te Reo Maori

WALT: E ako ana matou ki te...use  and respond to simple sounds and greetings in te reo maori.

E hiahia ana matou ki te korero ki roto i te reo i nga wa katoa. ( English Verison) WE WANT TO SPEAK IN TE REO MAORI AS OFTEN AS WE CAN.

SC: I will....
- As a roopu we will work together to build our understanding of everyday simple sentences and vocabulary.
- Communicate with the other person.
- Not speak like a robot.
- I will try not to look at my script.

Aroha mai ko te kupu tika o "Taua"

Te manu taratahi!!!

E ako ana matou ki te mataki taki ki nga pikitia me te whakarongo ki nga kupu korero i roto i tenei pukapuka. (English Version) We are learning to approach the pictures and listen to the words in this booklet.

SC: I will

  • Pronounce the words right.
  • Translate the Maori words into english words to help me understand this text.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy...

Division in parts

WALT: Solve Division Questions using the strategy ' Division in parts'.
Sc: I will...
1. Know my multiples of 10.
2. Split my town digit factor into a multiple of 10 and whatever is left over.
3. Make sure my multiple of 10 factor dividend of my other number.
4. Then I will make a new equation.
5. After that I will solve it.

This was strategy was really fun it was so so amazing. 
I found out that this was really difficult to explain how the math strategy goes.

Well Here is my work and I hope you learn something and If you didn't well I can't help you.

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu

So this week I have chosen a person from Kawakawa school. I commented on her post about Carpool Kareoke. It was amazing. I also really loved her reflection. It was pretty funny. I thought my comment was great because I had a greeting, Then I stated what I liked about this post and then I ended of with my link to my blog and a blog you later.

If you want to go check out Dakota's blog here is the link

Career Pathways

My Goals

Some of key skills that employers look for in any career pathway is the ability to:
- Communicate
- Problem Solve
- Be a Team Player
- Show creativity
- Be Independant
- Self mangame
- Build Resilience
- Show Leadership
- Have the willingness to learn
- Have a positive attitude.
For Careers I am able to set 2 goals for the term. My goals that I am working on is being a problem solver and I also want to work on improving my ideas and vocabulary in writing.

Friday, May 10, 2019

My first time at technology!!!

So today we went to Kaikohe Intermediate for Technology. All of us were nervous. We finally arrived. Whaea Maureen introduced herself and then she showed us around.  Then she laid down the rules.

The one thing that I thought was cool was cooking our own things without a recipe.
The One thing that I thought wasn't cool was that I was doing all the typing while my group was inserting images. ( So basically I did all the work.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy...

Blog comment of the week goes to Myer!!!

Kia ora koutou, its me Kohl-lee and I want to share to you my blog comment of the week. This is to myer and I commented on her budgeting post. I thought about that DLO was that they didn't actually have anything about budgeting in there budgeting DLO. Well I thought I did a good job on this comment.

By the way here is a link to her blog: Myers link to blog

Nga Mihi

He Aha Te Kai A Te Rangatia? He Korero, He Korero, He Korero.

So on Wednesday(  08/05/2019) Te hanah,Kohutu,Kaya and I went to the NYLD( National young Leaders day/Event) In Auckland and the Vodafone center. It was very experiential. We learn heaps of new things. Our theme for this year was :

He Aha Te Kai A Te Rangatia? He Korero, He Korero, He Korero.
What is the food of a leader? It is Conversations.

My favourite speaker was Hana Tapiata.
My favourite part of the day was listening to Kings perform.

I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Say Cheese and DIE!!!

Say Cheese and Die. So you know me your ordinary goose bumps reader. This book is about this boy named Greg and his camera has a curse. Wow, very interesting! I  am up to page 24. This story is really interesting because it always has juicy twist. I love reading about mysterious things.

My favourite part is always the start , then the middle , then finally the end.

Here is my reading I hope you enjoy...

Mobile phones

Hey Guys and girls, so today I had to write an introduction about why kids should/or shouldn't be allowed to own a mobile phone. I chose to let kids have a phone.

The challenging thing was writing in a short amount of time.

Here is my work.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Yay! First blog post for term 2

Yay! First blog post for term 2. So this morning my whole class and I had our spelling test. At the start of the week we get a list of words to practise, then we get tested ever Fridays/ Mondays. 

I was really nervous because all the previous test I had a home I always got heaps wrong. But today I didn't get any wrong.

Here is my Spelling I hope you enjoy.