Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Place value Knowledge

WALT: Demonstrate our knowledge of Decimals place value through solving problems. So today our group had to finish some questions that where set for us. I really enjoyed it.

What was easy was Adding the pictures.
What was hard was remembering the questions.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Blog commenting

So here is my post about blog comments. I had to create a DLO about blog comments to teach other people how to write a top quality blog post.

What was easy was Making it look pretty
What was hard was remembering all the steps

I hope you enjoy.

I'm having trouble with understanding this ( DECIMALS)

I chose to represent  the number 6.95 in a variety of ways. Did you know that there are 69 tenths and 5 hundredths in this number. You can also say that there is 6 ones, 9 tenths and 5 hundredths. Sometimes in can get really confusing (especially for me) but once you understand it,  it  get easier. We have been learning about how many tenths, hundredths and wholes are in any given number.  We were also challenged to share the different ways in which we can show our learning.

I thought I did good because I didn't even know what we were doing( It was hard for me to understand what we were learning).

What was easy for me was drawing the decimal.
What was challenging was understanding what I had to do.

So here is my work I hope you enjoy...

Friday, February 22, 2019

Spelling is fun!!!

So today we had another spelling test. I thought I did pretty good for a person who didn't practise at all.

What was easy was writing a reflection.
What was challenging was remembering how to spell (Definite).

Here is my work and I hope you enjoy...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

First spelling test for the term!

Hi everyone its great to be blogging again. Well anyway this is my spelling. This was my first spelling test for the term. Sorry I didn't get to post it last Friday so i'm posting in now.

What was easy kind of writing my spelling words tidy.
what was challenging remembering how to spell my words.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy.