Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bullying is a worldwide Problem!!!

So today we were suppose to make a poster about how we can solve a bullying problem. Also we had to make a poster about thinking before you speak. In our class there is a bullying problem. So we need to find out solutions on how we can solve this problem.

What was easy was finding pictures that match the topic.
What was hard was finding solutions to solve our problem.

So I hope you enjoy and I hope you report bullying or stop bullying.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


This is my reading. I have been reading this book for a day.
This book is very interesting and cool. I love secret agents.

What was easy was reading the book.
What was hard was nothing.

Next time I think I should read more of the book.

Here is my work.

Friday, October 19, 2018


Here is my Writing.  

WALT: Write paragraphs with elaborated ideas.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I will have 3 main ideas.  I will give examples and/or evidence to support my ideas.

What was hard was writing my story.
What was easy was nothing.

Here is my work.

Be Careful What You Wish For...

This is my reading. I have been reading a goosebumps story.
The name of the book is called Goosebumps be careful what you wish for.

What was easy was Writing what this story was about.
What was hard was staying up to 12.00 at night to read my book.

Here is my work. I hope you enjoy.

Cannon Law

Here is my Maths DLO. This Is about Cannon law.

What was hard was trying to remember how to turn a number into a fraction.
What was easy was nothing.

I hope you enjoy my work. If there are any mistakes please comment down below.
Remember to leave positive comments.

Meeting Valerie Adams for the first time!!!

Here is my story about Meeting Valerie Adams. I was super excited to meet Valerie Adams.
My wishes came true. It was a blast meeting Valerie Adams.

What was easy was taking a picture with Valerie Adams.
What was hard was trying to talk to her without screaming.

Here is my work. I hope you enjoy

I love Spelling!!!

Here is my Spelling results for week 1. So as you can see I got 19/20. I think I got a okay score.
I think I should practise more.

What was hard was remembering how to spell my words.
What was easy was nothing.

What I can do next time is practise my spelling words much more.

Well I hope you enjoy. Here is my work.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Blog comment of the week...

Kia Ora koutou,
this is my blog comment of the week. I think I did a pretty good job I'm writing my comment. As you can see this comment is to Chace. I was writing to him about his blog post. So I hope you enjoy and if you see any mistakes and my comment please leave a comment down below. I hope you enjoy.

Nga mihi,

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Hello this is my google drawing. We are suppose to choose a country find out some information to answer the questions that we had. So I choose the United Kingdom/England. Then I had to answer questions. The questions where mostly about the capital city London. I also had to write two interesting facts about England. I also had to link where I got my Information. Here is the link. Link

What was hard was nothing
What was easy was everything.

Here is my work. I hope you enjoy.