Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What a year!

Hello this is my year memories of 2017
I forgot to post it last year so know I would like to share what I did
and what I went through

So I hope you enjoy

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Post cards are fun to make

Bonus Activity/ Activity 3 week 3
This activity is about I had to do a post card
that says welcome to New Zealand
I had to include hokey pokey Ice cream,
pohutukawa trees and kiwiana things

The best thing I could describe about my post card is that I added
Pohutukawa trees also a hokey pokey ice cream and I added Kiwiana the fern plant.

Monday, January 8, 2018

There are all kind of popular names

Activity 2 week 3
This is about which name is popular in my school
So I wrote about which name is popular in my school
I highlighted them yellow.

Here is my work

What do you think

Activity 1 week 3
This activity is about a food rule
so wrote what I think.

Here is my work

Your taste buds will be thinking. What is this? I want more

Activity 14 week 2
This activity is about my favorite
dessert so I wrote my favorite dessert

Which style do you like best?

Activity 13 week 2
This is about my opinion about
which fashion style do I like better
so I wrote it down in this presentation

Here is my work

This looks fun doesn't it

Activity 12 week 2
This activity is about if I had
my friends over what can I do to have
so much fun so these are my ideas that I wrote.

Here is my work


Bonus activity/activity 11 week 2
This activity is about If I was a doctor and I
worked for the army and I heard a big noise
what will I do so I wrote what I will do.

Here is my work

Do you know Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu

Activity 10 week 2
This activity is about I have to choose a person that was in the army
then I had to write about him.

Here is my work

World War ll

Activity 9 week 2
this activity is about world war 2
I had to get information and post it on
my blog.

Here is my work

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Travel back in time

Bonus activity/Activity 8 week 2
This activity is about what will I bring back with me if
I was in the 1930s

Here is my work


Activity 7 week 2
This is about what will I do If I was in 1930s
What will I do to help family that need help.

Here is my work


Bonus activity/Activity 5 week 2
I had to write a poem about
I was a member of the flight crew

When are we there,
I see water everywhere
Now I see land I see weird
shaped Islands.

I hear the wind blowing
now I hear words flowing
I see trees blowing and now
I feel my brain exploding.

My airplane lands
now I can see sand
I steep out of the plane
I don’t know if i’m crazy or insane.

It was a long trip now
i’m feeling homesick
I couldn't believe my eyes
were the mountain or butterflies.

I have to meet new
people everyday.

I really miss my family I can’t wait to go away.

I asked another folk
I said what is this place called again.

Christchurch he said,
maybe my room will be fine.

Ratting again

Activity 4 week 2
This activity is about rating a picture
then writing about it.

Self Portrait By Tamara de Lempicka

Here it is


Activity 3 week 2
Here is another activity its about what I think the movie
is about and then I had to write about it.

Hope you enjoy


Bonus Activity 2 week 2
This is about my opinion about this Poem.

Hope you enjoy


Why should women have the right to vote

I believe women should have the right to
vote when they want
because women are worth voting.

Also I believe women should vote
because those who obey the
laws should help to choose
those who make the laws.

Mostly women work harder than men.
For example, Women have baby.
95% of female are educated and hard working.

Whats a Cathedrals?

Activity 1 of week 2
This is about Cathedrals so I had to choose a Cathedral and
I had to write 4 facts about one. I also made my own.

Do you know Bill Kini

Bonus Activity is about bill Kini.
I had to write 4 question's to ask
Bill Kini

I hope you enjoy

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Another Activity is about the treaty ground.
So I have to choose 3 places I would like to
go in the treaty grounds at Waitangi

I hope you enjoy my presentation


Another Activity is an activity of translation
so it's about Maori question's and you answer in English
or English question's you have to answer in Maori.

I had to use google translate to help me with
tricky Words.

Here is my work and I hope you enjoy

Friday, January 5, 2018


Bonus activity is I have to rate kapa haka.
I rated 3 performance from the same people

So enjoy

What's your favorite Maori game?

Another Activity is about your favorite Maori game.
Everyone has a favorite game

I hope you enjoy


The next Summer Learning Journey is about
Your favorite Maori Waiata and my song is Rahiri Te Tupuna.

I hope you enjoy


This is a bonus activity from the
Summer Learning Journey

My Family is special to me because they provide for each other. Here is one person
That is very good at heaps of things

My papa is one good cook and he
Is the most cool papa ever. I think that’s
Where my mum gets her good cooking.

Also my mum she is a good cook and she does everything for me and her family.

Last of all my dad he is good at making me reach my goals and he makes me work hard too.

Do you have a Pepeha?

This is another Summer Learning Journey activity
This is about my Pepeha. 

So I hope you enjoy

I wonder what is it like to be in a big family?

This activity of Summer Learning Journey is about a large family.
Good part
I would feel good because I don’t have to clean up when I wake up.
Because I would have heaps of siblings.
Bad part

I will not enjoy being a part of a Large family
because If there were cars back in the 1800’s then I would be squashed for life.

What food should I choose?

In this bonus activity I had to share my favorite meal and why it's my favorite meal. I also have a picture of my favorite meal. And don't forget to give me some feedback.

I hope you enjoy my presentation.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Do you have a dream job?

These are my dream jobs.

Do you see any similarities?

In this activity for the summer learning journey I had to compare the Wharepuni to my own house. I had to find 2  similarities and 2 differences between the Wharepuni and my house. So lets get right into it. And don't forget to give me some feedback on my work. 

Would you like to do Waka Ama.

In this bonus activity for the summer learning journey I will be writing about why would I be in a Waka Ama race one day.Here is a link about Waka Ama.

Hope you enjoy!

Going to other country are scary.

In this activity in the summer learning journey I had to write a short letter to a friend about my voyage to New Zealand and how I feel about moving to a different country. Enjoy! 

Dear my good friend Kayley

This voyage to new Zealand has been a great adventure, I meet different people every day.
Even though I have never been here before.

I really miss home and my family I miss the good food my mum cooks for us.
I miss being in America.

Can't wait to come home and share my things I learnt in New Zealand

P.S this is Kohl-lee

Have you heard of Maui?

Do you know the one and only Maui?

I like reading his books and he is such a adventurous person.

I hope you enjoy my interesting facts.