Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Going to other country are scary.

In this activity in the summer learning journey I had to write a short letter to a friend about my voyage to New Zealand and how I feel about moving to a different country. Enjoy! 

Dear my good friend Kayley

This voyage to new Zealand has been a great adventure, I meet different people every day.
Even though I have never been here before.

I really miss home and my family I miss the good food my mum cooks for us.
I miss being in America.

Can't wait to come home and share my things I learnt in New Zealand

P.S this is Kohl-lee

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  1. Kia Ora Kohl-Lee,

    It's Georgia here! I've just been going through your incredible blog to check we've commented on all of the activities you did with the programme and found this one! What a great letter you have here for your good friend Kayley, I'm sure she would really appreciate that you went into detail about what you miss about your old home.

    Have you heard of pen pals? They are people who write to each other usually via hand-written mail from different parts of the world. My Mum used to have a pen pal from overseas when she was little and would write to her about her life in NewZealand. Similar to what you've done here with Kayley.

    I hope you've had a great holiday!

    Nga mihi