Monday, January 8, 2018

This looks fun doesn't it

Activity 12 week 2
This activity is about if I had
my friends over what can I do to have
so much fun so these are my ideas that I wrote.

Here is my work


  1. Good afternoon Kohl-Lee,

    I love your illustration of the activities you'd do with your friends. My favourite part is definitely the barbecue! Having dinner cooked on the barbecue is one of my highlights of the warmer months of the year and I always find myself saying "everything tastes better cooked on the barbecue".

    Do you go swimming very often in the summer? It's such a great way to exercise, have fun and stay cool when the sun is shining. On the weekends I love spending my day at the beach with my friends.

    Keep up the great blogposts.

    Nga mihi

  2. Annyeonghaseyo Kohl-Lee,
    my name is Cia. I am a Ako Hiko Summer Learning Journey commentator who will be working with various bloggers over the summer break.

    I’m loving the picture you’ve included in your post, there are a lot of fun things to do in that picture. That looks like the pool parties I host at my house in the summer, we like to have meat on the barbeque sizzling away and music pumping out loud. It does get a little crazy in the pool when everyone starts bombing and getting carried away but it’s still so fun just hanging out with family and friends.

    I hope you’re having a stellar holiday break, stay safe this summer!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i ('See you again' in Samoan),