Wednesday, February 28, 2018


WALT: Be savvy about how we search for media online.

Success criteria:

  • we will acknowledge our sources 

Friday, February 23, 2018


WALT create a DLO that inspire learners to follow our kawa of care

I know I was successful because I finished my DLO in time.
Also  I told what I was told to do.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Taking flight

Thursday 22th February 2018

WALT: Plan and write a recount based on "Taking flight" animation.
I will be successful when I have:
  • Planned my Ideas to help me Organise my writing
  • Structured my writing with
-Orientation (Who,When,where,why,How)
-Sequenced ideas

  • Written in first person
  • Given interesting detail
  • Written a closing statement to sum up all my Ideas


  1. Entering the sad world
  2. Grandpa’s House
  3. Taking flight
  4. Conclution

Me(tony),Grandpa and dad
In the morning
At Grandpa’s house
My dad dropped me of because he doesn't love me.

Entering the sad world

I think my dad doesn’t like me anymore. I always ask him to play with me but he rather drop me of instead to grandpa’s house. Does he love me anymore? I felt depressed and sad. My teardrops are wetting the car chair. I have to spend morning to night with Grandpa. My dad always says I will play with you tomorrow. But he never does.

Grandpa’s house

Boo! Then we were at Grandpa’s house. He is so boring he makes me sit there while he does the lawn. Wait what is that picture up there. I finally got the picture. Oww! I fell of the stack of boxes and a wagon. Grandpa almost ran over a helmet. He was looking at me. He whispered ”let’s take it for a spin”.
Then Grandpa said ”Keep your arms and legs in the wagon at all times”. AHHHHH! Evil monkey’s are attacking. We need to blast of in the wagon.

We are going down

Oh Nooo! After that we're going down a gargantuan waterfall. I screamed out ”We are going to die”. What! How did this wagon turn into a airplane. Nooooo! We have no fuel. Grandpa yelled ”we are going to have to jump down”. My teddy and I were nervous but we jumped out like we could fly. Then we pulled a string that made a parachute come out.

At the park

We had a sit down at the park and then we were attacked by ugly aliens. We were shooting at them. One ship broke down. Then another ship did.


In conclusion I was very bummed out that I had to stay with grandpa’s house in the morning. But I actually had a spectacular day. My grandpa is the best. Better than my dad.Well that’s what I think.

The End