Friday, June 15, 2018

Coding YAY!!!!

Hello my classroom was doing coding with Whaea Tania. So we had to complete 12 levels under 35 minutes or in your own time. So we played games and had to complete the 12 levels.
Here is the link to my picture's. Yes that is a link.

Here is another link to...

I hope you enjoy

It's animation time!!!

WALT: Use stop motion

So what is stop motion? So Stop motion is when you create a movie but you make item's move when they. So you take heaps of photos but in your photo you have to move your Item a little step in-front. I loved using stop motion it was really fun.

The things I had to work on is...

1. Try not to get my hand in or other things.
2. Try to take tiny steps and move my items a little bit infront.

So here is my video and I hope you enjoy. Remember to click the You-Tube button.


Speeches Noooooooooo!!!!

Hello everyone on Thursday 14/06/2018 I was so so so so nervous because I had to
say my speech in front of the whole school. I was the fourth person to speak. I thought I did good but I could have slowed down a bit. I good hand gestures. I thought I was a bit funny too. I scored 87/100. I thought my score was pretty good. In my class test I scored 82/100 but in front of the school I got 87/100. I came 1st place in my year 5 & 6.

I hope you enjoy my video. But the way if the video doesn't work click the You-Tube button.


 Today my whole classroom and I were nervous because we had to say our speeches.
I talked about Bullying is a worldwide problem.
Don't you think that bullying is a worldwide problem.
The real challenging part was looking and saying my speech in front of the whole class and teacher.

I made sure that  I had....
1. I had hand gesture 
2.  A clear voice
3.  A loud voice
4.  Emotive language
5. time words
6. I had a conclusion
7. I had facts to back up my opinion
8. Rhetorical questions

I hope you enjoy my movie. You press the YouTube  to watch my speech.
The reason why I have two videos is that the recording stopped in the middle of my speech.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Te Reo Maori

WALT: Say Te Reo Maori words and pronounce them of by Heart
 I Created this slide show myself it took me not that long.
But I hope that you learn something.

Here is my slide show. I hope you enjoy.