Friday, July 27, 2018

What is Matariki?

We are learning about Matariki and her six daughters. 

We had Personal question that we wanted to find out. So Tristan and I gathered up information to help us answer our questions. We found as much information and the we tried to put it into our own words

So I hope you enjoy our Presentation about Matariki

I hope you learn something new.
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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Te Reo Maori

WALT: Pronounce how to say Maori words Properly.
So I created this slide show to show I have been learning These kupu Evey

So I hope you enjoy.

2D Shapes

We are learning about 2 Dimensional Shapes. The hard part was trying to name the shapes.

I hope you enjoy.

Angles are very hard!

WALT: Learn Angles. We are learning about Angles. I am a person who doesn't really get Angles but with my friends and my teacher they can help me.

So I hope you enjoy.

Eww Worms!!!!!

This is my Poster of Worms. I know that when you see a worm you scream. But Worms actually help our gardens. So Try not to Kill anymore worms because they help us in many things.

So I hope you enjoy.

Who is Pablo Picasso?

WALT: Draw a cubism piece of art work. We are learning about Cubism art and so our whole class did a art work based on a human and Cubism. Pablo Picasso is a very famous cubism art designer.

I hope you enjoy.

Māori Art

So we are have been working on Maori Art for these past few weeks. It is very challenging when you get to the drawing part. We did Maori Art because we went to a glow in the dark show at Keri Keri turner center. Anyways we went there to watch a glow in the dark show based on Matariki. It had heaps of amazing Maori Art so my teacher thought that we should draw Maori Art.

So I hope you enjoy