Thursday, June 27, 2019

Blog comment of the week goes to Maia From Bay of Island College!!!

So this blog comment goes to a year 10 student at Bay Of Islands College. Her name is Maia. This week we had to comment to the Bay Of Islands College. I commented on a post about Nelson Mandela. I thought this comment was really good.

Nga Mihi

Welcome Back to Mad $cience!!!

Mad $cience/ Pulley Systems

So welcome back to Mad $cience. On Tuesday Whaea Annie was teaching us how to make a pulley System. Our recording is a bit all over the place but yeah. 

One really hard thing was to keep the sting on the pulley. 

I hope you enjoy my Work

Technology Week 7!!!

Technology Week 7
So I am posting this because I didn't have any time to get it done last week. So this is my Tech DLO. I really enjoyed Tech because we made the most delicious bacon and pastry with egg on the top.

I hope you enjoy my Presentation.

My DLO about Tech
Technology Week 7 by Kohl-lee PARK-DAVIS

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Blog comment of the week goes to Ngaro!!!

So this is my blog comment of the week. I thought I did pretty good with my comment. I really enjoyed reading Ngaro's and Hanah's Matariki post. If there are any mistakes please let me know in the comments below. 

Nga mihi

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Toku Kuia

Toku Kuia

The one thing that was extremely hard was translating the whole book. I mostly looked at the pictures and guest what they were. I got most of my answers from the Maori Dictionary. 

What am I going to do next time? 

I will...
- Ask for help

Well I hope you enjoy my reading. If i'm wrong please correct me. 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Te Waipuke

Te Waipuke

So this story is about a massive flood in the town. It is wet every where other than the whare. The hard think was to answer the questions. 

Here is my work

It's time to bake the biscuits

Technology with Manaaki-Tia and Kohl-lee ( Me).

So this week we didn't make my favorite thing ( bread). I love making bread because it's so so so delicious. But we made something even more better. Biscuits and Mini Hot dogs. 

So our biscuits we nice, chocolaty and Sweet. I especially loved it when we put icing on ( Beau-ti-Ful).  

Our mini hot dogs we so so so delicious. Manaaki ate them straight away. Even when the just came out of the oven. We were like the 1st ones finished cleaning up there area. 

Technology. I hope you enjoy Manaaki-tia's and I work. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

So this is my blog comment to room 15 of Kaikohe West School. I commented on their gardening post. I thought my blog comment was really good. 

- Greeting- Say Something you liked- Make a Suggestion- This reminds me of...- Ask a Question- Leave link to blog

I hope you enjoy...

Nga Manu Korero

Nga Manu Korero

Who always gets told off because their talking? Who talks way too much? Well if you love talking about things in front of a huge crowd, well you can go to a competition called Nga manu Korero. This competition is for secondary students. This competition is for people who are put on the spot talking about

( who knows what).  These students have to get out of their comfort zone and speak with confidence.

This is my recount about Nga Manu Korero. Sadly I didn't get to go to Nga Manu Korero. Because I was late very late. 

Well I hope you enjoy.
Created By Kohl-lee by Kohl-lee PARK-DAVIS

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Who loves Matariki?


Here is my powtoon that I created. This is about the maori meannings of Matariki. This week in class we have been learning about matariki. 

- Did you know that 4 of the matariki stars are boys and 3 are girls.
- Matariki is a Greek Myth and not a Maori Myth.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Lightning & Thunder

Lightning & Thunder
So today I came late so I missed the bus to the Northland College for Nga Manu Korero. So I stayed back with Sheeandra & Yvette. We were working in the staff room with Whaea Rosina. As we were walking to class we noticed some bad weather. Then we saw a white flash. Only a few seconds later we heard an amazing big noise.

I hope you enjoy!!!

What do you think of my comment!!!

Hello so this is my blog comment of this week. I thought this comment was really good and thats all. 

Nga Mihi

Do you love when you don't have to do Homework!!!

What!!! No HomeWork!!!

So this week we had absolutely no time to get homework. My teacher was more focused on our assembly. I love homework. But it was actually quite fun not doing homework. 

I hope you enjoy my work!!!



So I have been trying to learn this for weeks, Months even. This tauparapara is very very hard to learn. 

My understanding of a Tauparapara:

A Tauparapara is to bless each doorway of each Realm or Dimension, and to acknowledge Our Dearly Departed Loved-Ones Who have passed on.



So for technology we made some bread and some apple crush 
(Kinda like apple crumble). As we were cooking my friend 
Tai-marino put the bread in with the apple crush, But the problem was that they both needed different types of tempratures. The bread temprature needed to be 220 degrees. And the Apple crush temprature needed to be 180 c. 

I loved the apple crush it was so delisious. The bread not so much.

I hope you enjoy.

Understanding Coordinates

Understanding Coordinates

WALT: Understanding Coordinates and  reading maps.

So after we just finished our recording we had to start again because we forgot to insert a background. SO WE DID ALL OF THAT FOR NOTHING!!! 

Anyways I loved doing this video and making it. While we were doing this we were also doing challenges with our friends. 

Do you think kids should do their homework???

Why kids should do their homework!!!

So if you can name what type of writing this is. Comment down below if you know what type of writhig this is. 

I wrote about this because some of my class mates always have to run laps and write lines so im trying to prevent this from happening. Maybe it will make them independent or maybe it might wake them up, and make them stop day dreamming. 

I hope you enjoy my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ writing. 



So this week I have been reading this book called. ( GOOSEBUMPS SLAPPYWORLD- Attack of the Jack). This book is really really Interesting and mysterious. Violet and Shawn Packer think their uncle and Captain Jack are extremly strange. Captain Jack is not what he seems like.

 Main Characters: 
 - Violet 
 - Shawn
 - Uncle Jim
 - Captain Jack

I hope you enjoy my book review!!!