Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whats a compound and complex sentence.

This is my poster of Fanboys conjunction.

I am learning about simple and compound and complex sentences.

This was easy to create and It was fun now I know about simple and compound and complex sentence.
It is really easy for me now before I didn't really now what was compound and complex sentence.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How do I sound?

I am learning to read with fluency and expression

To be successful I will:

  • Speak clearly and loudly
  • Pause at full stops and commas
  • Change the speed and sound of my voice
  • I won’t rush my reading

I know I was successful because I talked loudly and clearly I change the speed and sound of my voice sometimes .

My next step is I won't rush my reading sometimes.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Come on it's geometry time!

W.A.L.T describe 2D and 3D shapes using words such as edge, face and vertices.

I still need to learn some shape but I will get there.

The hardest thing to do was naming the shapes.
The easiest thing to do was finding the image of the shapes.

My next step is to name harder shapes and to learn harder shapes.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy birthday.

WALT plan our recount. We want to focus on a moment in time that will be interesting for our readers
Image may contain: indoor Image may contain: 1 person, child Image may contain: dessert and food
My next step is to have more interesting words and attest two similes.
I still need to work on having more similes and Interesting words.

“ Happy Birthday  Rayne!” I said. Today my baby cousin was turning one. I couldn't believe that he was turning one already. I was outside my Aunt's house and our whole family came. It was the hottest day in the sun. When we came I saw amazing cool decorations hanging outside. I saw signs that said happy birthday. Rayne had heaps and heaps of presents.
About half an hour later it was time to have something to eat. I had chips,burgers,Apple juice  and some  little sausages. That was delicious I felt full. It was time for the games we  played pass or parcel It was dumb because I couldn’t get a turn that was boring I hated that. We had another game it’s this flour game you have to get some flour put a bowl on top then you have to put chocolate on top now I had to chop of some flour with a knife we all took turns. Smash! My cousin busted it so he had to eat I thought that was disgusting he did too some people were laughing I wasn’t I said “  Yuck “.

It’s time for  raynes birthday presents”said my Aunty Rozland. It was so exciting I really wanted to see what's inside of the presents. First there was a truck he could fit in the truck we got him that. The next present was a towel and rubber duck some little cars. There was a little motorbike I said “ that is cool.”
It was blue and red.

Finally It was cake time the cake looked delicious it was a chocolate cake with M&M’s on top with sprinkles and we put maltesers  one everyone said “ I want to eat that outstanding cake” we sang Happy birthday” Then everyone blew out the candle. It was time to go we all got goodie bags we all said ”Happy Birthday Rayne” Then we were all leaving.”bye Aunty Rozland” we said. I thought that was a amazing birthday I felt happy and tired. (The end).