Thursday, April 26, 2018

Whats Kia O Rahi?

We had to come up with a story about
Or Kia O Rahi tournament.

So here Is my story If there are mistakes please
Comment down below and try not to leave
negative comments

The Amazing Ki O Rahi Tournament
“Let’s go Tautoro!” My palms were shaking.
Butterflies were flying around in my stomach.
Wait... i’ll start from the start.

On Thursday 22 March, 2018 we were
at Lindvart park for Ki O Rahi.
 The players in my team were Andy, Tamaiti-Pani,
Helam, VJ, Armani, and Taonga.
Those are the boys.  Angel-Rose, Marta,
Sally and I were the girls on the team.

In Ki-O-Rahi there has to be twelve people
on the field, six from each team.  
There also has to be three girls and three boys.
I remember asking Matua
Matt, “who are we versing next?”
Kawakawa” he replied.
They looked fast. “Come on we can beat them”
I said, hoping to inspire my team to smoke them
and make them eat our dust!

The referee wanted our captains to decide who
would start with rock, paper or scissors.
Andy chose rock and the other team chose paper.
Kawakawa said “we’ll be the taniwha ”.
The taniwha has to have three people trying
to throw the ball(ki) at the tipu. And our team would
be on Ki Oma we have to choose two people
to go and protect the tipu(barrel) the have to
be in Pawero.

Buurr! The horn went. That half went really fast.
 Out of nowhere the referee yelled ”Half-time”.
Matt shouted “Huddle up. Shots Armani for
getting all the points,Shots a Marta for being in
there face and shots are Tamaiti for protecting the tupu,  ”.
“Now we're on Ki oma Marta your gonna be in
there face and Tamaiti you gonna be on base
(protecting the Tupu)”. Tamaiti, Marta, Helam ,
Andy, Angel-Rose and Sally are on first.
“Let's go Tautoro as the crowd is cheering”.

A few minutes went past, Our team is so good at
Kioma were the best. We all went around yelling out”
I'm open im open” but there was one fast as
kid nobody could catch him and his name is
Armani he was so fast everyone kept on
tripping up and eating his dust.
Everyone was like this
” yeah Armani go hard out bro” The horn went
and the game
was over the score was twenty three/seven.
“Yay we won we didn’t lose a game”.

In summary I enjoyed playing Ki-O-Rahi.
 It was an awesome day out competing
against other schools.  I also liked working
with my team. We ended up coming first
overall.  . I would love to do this next year. Can’t wait.

Whats A Pepeha?

WALT: Say or Pepeha of by heart.

I hope you enjoy me pepeha.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Taku akomanga.

WALT: Say and answer Te reo Maori question.
WALT: Say Tenei and enei. 

I hope you enjoy my video.

Math's Strategies.

WALT: Use difficult Strategies
These are the strategies...
1. Number Lines
2. Tidy numbers
3. Same same sup
4. Reversibility
5. Place value

I'll be going to show you two strategies...

I hope you enjoy :)

Whats is scratch Jr?

WALT: Use this app called scratch Jr.
We had to...
1. Learn how to use scratch Jr
2. We had to create a DLO to share our 
learning with others.

Here is my DLO.

Being a hardworking sports mate.

WALT: Use the correct language and structure for explanation writing.
Success Criteria: I will
  • Have a title.
  • Explain what sportsmanship is.
  • Explain what it means to show sportsmanship.
  • Have a conclusion the summarises my ideas.
  • Use present tense, cause and effect, conjunctions, topic specific vocabulary.


Sports is so fun. Sportsmanship is
about listening to your
referee,coach, and teammates.
Sportsmanship is  about showing
Manaakitanga (that means caring),
(that means showing respect),
Tikanga (that means doing the right thing).
My team was listening to
Matua Matt as a result we got
through training faster and we got
a long game of Kia O Rahi.

Being a good sports person
means making everyone on my
team happy because we get to have
a long game. Being a good sports person
means that you are showing respect to
other people like the reef your
coach and your teammates.
My team wasn’t respecting our
coach so we had to do laps
around the whole school.

In conclusion being a good
sports person means that you
will have a long time in a game,
you will be showing M
and Tikanga. So that what being a
good sports person means.
So follow my advice and if you
do all these things goodness will be coming your way.  

Friday, April 13, 2018

What is bucketfilling?

WALT write an explanation.

How to be a Bucket Filler?

Everyone in the universe
has an invisible bucket.
You fill other people’s bucket by
showing Aroha(love),
an heeps more ways.
For an example my friend showed
Manaakitanga to my other friend
because she  did not touch
her things in her desk.

It is used for making other people feel
delighted and there are
many more emotions that
other people think when there bucket is filled.

Well people go to school or
work and if your friend says
”you have a pretty dress on today”
then your bucket will be filled.
If you said that you and your friend’s
bucket will be filled.


In conclusion bucket filling
makes other people feel delighted,
calm,positive,cheerful and heaps
more emotion words. So be a bucket filler.