Thursday, April 26, 2018

Whats Kia O Rahi?

We had to come up with a story about
Or Kia O Rahi tournament.

So here Is my story If there are mistakes please
Comment down below and try not to leave
negative comments

The Amazing Ki O Rahi Tournament
“Let’s go Tautoro!” My palms were shaking.
Butterflies were flying around in my stomach.
Wait... i’ll start from the start.

On Thursday 22 March, 2018 we were
at Lindvart park for Ki O Rahi.
 The players in my team were Andy, Tamaiti-Pani,
Helam, VJ, Armani, and Taonga.
Those are the boys.  Angel-Rose, Marta,
Sally and I were the girls on the team.

In Ki-O-Rahi there has to be twelve people
on the field, six from each team.  
There also has to be three girls and three boys.
I remember asking Matua
Matt, “who are we versing next?”
Kawakawa” he replied.
They looked fast. “Come on we can beat them”
I said, hoping to inspire my team to smoke them
and make them eat our dust!

The referee wanted our captains to decide who
would start with rock, paper or scissors.
Andy chose rock and the other team chose paper.
Kawakawa said “we’ll be the taniwha ”.
The taniwha has to have three people trying
to throw the ball(ki) at the tipu. And our team would
be on Ki Oma we have to choose two people
to go and protect the tipu(barrel) the have to
be in Pawero.

Buurr! The horn went. That half went really fast.
 Out of nowhere the referee yelled ”Half-time”.
Matt shouted “Huddle up. Shots Armani for
getting all the points,Shots a Marta for being in
there face and shots are Tamaiti for protecting the tupu,  ”.
“Now we're on Ki oma Marta your gonna be in
there face and Tamaiti you gonna be on base
(protecting the Tupu)”. Tamaiti, Marta, Helam ,
Andy, Angel-Rose and Sally are on first.
“Let's go Tautoro as the crowd is cheering”.

A few minutes went past, Our team is so good at
Kioma were the best. We all went around yelling out”
I'm open im open” but there was one fast as
kid nobody could catch him and his name is
Armani he was so fast everyone kept on
tripping up and eating his dust.
Everyone was like this
” yeah Armani go hard out bro” The horn went
and the game
was over the score was twenty three/seven.
“Yay we won we didn’t lose a game”.

In summary I enjoyed playing Ki-O-Rahi.
 It was an awesome day out competing
against other schools.  I also liked working
with my team. We ended up coming first
overall.  . I would love to do this next year. Can’t wait.


  1. WOW congratulations firstly for an amazing story that hooked me in and secondly for winning the tournament! I love watching you all play Ki-o-Rahi on the field when I come to Tautoro. I can see you are all passionate and train and play hard! I'm glad your butterflies were there at the beginning, it's good to be nervous - I think it makes you play harder :-) Hope you didn't have to eat too much dust! Have a great first week back at school Kohl-Lee.
    Ngā mihi

    1. Hello Tania, Thank you for you most amazing comment. I didn't eat any dust the opposite team did. I was very nervous and Yes I did play hard. I love your comment. So Thank you Tania and see you next time. From Kohl-lee

  2. That was a pretty good tournament aye Kohl-Lee! I was there... Kaikohe Christian School??? My name's Davalamayne. Hi! I was playing Pakanga
    That was a pretty sick day

    1. Hello Davalamayne, I do know you from Christian School. Anyways thank you for the most amazing comment. I will come and check your blog out right now. Well Bye from Kohl-lee. BLog you later.