Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Being a hardworking sports mate.

WALT: Use the correct language and structure for explanation writing.
Success Criteria: I will
  • Have a title.
  • Explain what sportsmanship is.
  • Explain what it means to show sportsmanship.
  • Have a conclusion the summarises my ideas.
  • Use present tense, cause and effect, conjunctions, topic specific vocabulary.


Sports is so fun. Sportsmanship is
about listening to your
referee,coach, and teammates.
Sportsmanship is  about showing
Manaakitanga (that means caring),
(that means showing respect),
Tikanga (that means doing the right thing).
My team was listening to
Matua Matt as a result we got
through training faster and we got
a long game of Kia O Rahi.

Being a good sports person
means making everyone on my
team happy because we get to have
a long game. Being a good sports person
means that you are showing respect to
other people like the reef your
coach and your teammates.
My team wasn’t respecting our
coach so we had to do laps
around the whole school.

In conclusion being a good
sports person means that you
will have a long time in a game,
you will be showing M
and Tikanga. So that what being a
good sports person means.
So follow my advice and if you
do all these things goodness will be coming your way.  

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