Saturday, January 6, 2018


Bonus activity/Activity 5 week 2
I had to write a poem about
I was a member of the flight crew

When are we there,
I see water everywhere
Now I see land I see weird
shaped Islands.

I hear the wind blowing
now I hear words flowing
I see trees blowing and now
I feel my brain exploding.

My airplane lands
now I can see sand
I steep out of the plane
I don’t know if i’m crazy or insane.

It was a long trip now
i’m feeling homesick
I couldn't believe my eyes
were the mountain or butterflies.

I have to meet new
people everyday.

I really miss my family I can’t wait to go away.

I asked another folk
I said what is this place called again.

Christchurch he said,
maybe my room will be fine.

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