Monday, January 8, 2018

Which style do you like best?

Activity 13 week 2
This is about my opinion about
which fashion style do I like better
so I wrote it down in this presentation

Here is my work

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  1. Hello Kohl-Lee,

    What a great job you have done at the "which style do you like best" activity! I especially the way you presented it in a slideshow, it's so cool for us to see you get creative and think outside of the box.

    What awesome input on the different outfits. I am definitely a dress person, especially in summer when it's hot but my dresses are definitely not puffy with so many layers as the photo you've included! Do you like the idea of wearing a fancy hat with all of your outfits? I think the outfits were very stylish and sophisticated.

    Keep up the great work and just remember to proof read and check for any spelling errors before you post.

    Nga mihi