Friday, October 20, 2017

Maths is fun to do.

WALT predict the likelihood of events based upon observations and experience.

The hardest thing was the second to last equation
The easiest thing was the first equation.

1. Whaea Lana had 10 cubes n a box. Without looking she took a cube out and recorded its colour in the chart and put it back into the box. She did this 20 x. If she takes one more out what colour will it most likely be?

Number of Times

Answer:  GREEN

2. In a gumball machine there were 300 yellow balls, 150 purple balls, 200 green balls and 50 orange balls. They are all mixed up. You put your money in and one gum ball comes out. What colour ball is it  least likely to be?
Answer:  Orange gumballs

3. Maui  spun this spinner, what space is it most likely to land on?

Answer:  Red

4. Andy  made a spinner. What is the likelihood of it landing on black?
Poor chance, Even chance, Good Chance, Impossible, or Certain?  

Answer: Even chance

On the same spinner, what is the chance of it landing on green?

5. To win a game James must spin and land on an even number on this spinner. What are his chances of spinning an even number? certain, unlikely or impossible?
Answer:  He wouldn’t get an even number he would get an odd
Number he might get the number 5.

10. When Seddon flips a coin what are the chances of it landing heads up?  Answer:  A good chance
Andy is getting a lollie. He does not look while he picks, what is the chance of picking a green lollie?
  1. No chance
  2. Bad chance
  3. Even chance
  4. Good chance
  5. certain

11.  Letisha has a bag with 5 grey balls, 4 yellow balls and 2 striped balls. What are the chances of getting a yellow ball?
A) 4 out of 7
B) 7 out of 5
C) 4 out of 11
D) 7 out of 11

Answer:  4 out of 7

James predicts it is very likely that he will get chosen for the touch team. Mark his chance on the scale below


Sam predicts he has an even chance for getting picked for the team. Mark his chance on the scale below


6. The probability of getting 3 red lights in a row on Queen St is 2 out of 70. How can you write that probability aa fraction?
Answer:  I don’t really get this one And my teacher has to teach me how to do this one.

7. Our lolly jar contains two red lollies and one blue lollie. Whaea Lana takes one and eats it, and then laviniah takes one lolly out. Which statement is NOT possible?A Whaea’s lollie and Laviniah’s lollie is red. B) Whaea’s lollie is red and Laviniah’s is blue. C) Whaea’s Lollie is yellow and Laviniah’s is red. D) Whaea’s lollie is yellow and Laviniah’s lollie is yellow.


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