Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Guess what it's Problem solving time.

I am learning to share my thinking by using words, material or pictures.

What I thought was hard was trying to say what I did to solve the answer.
What I thought was easy was getting the answers.


  1. Hi KohL-lee I disagree on slide 7 because you said I took away 80 and 40 that made 40 dose that make sense you can only take 40 off 40
    and you had 300 might as well just say you took of 45 see you later

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    2. HI Brock thank you for telling me my mistake,
      I don't get This part, might as well just say you took of 45 I don't get that part.

  2. Hi Kohl-lee. I disagree with the paint brush one. The reason why is because its suppose to be a times table fact not an addition fact.