Friday, April 7, 2017

My learning goals.

Here are my Goals for term 1 and 2.

I am still trying to achieve my goals.

What I thought was hard was typing the words down.
What I thought was easy was decorating my presentation.

I will achieve my goals how... I will practice everyday. I will keep on asking people to test me.


  1. Hey Kohl-lee, I'm Shabeera from Waikowhai Primary School. I like all your goals. I hope one day you will achieve all your goals especially the Physical Education one. We do goals in our school too. If you wanna see my blog HERE IT IS


    1. HI Shabeera, Thank you for your awesome comment I will look at you blog as soon as I can. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Blog you later.

  2. Hi Kohl-lee I am Dora from Waikowhai Primary School Hauraki class. I really like the slideshow You made I especially liked the gifs and transitions you used in your slideshow. Since you used those branded backgrounds I wonder if those are your favourite brands if not what brands are your favourite. I really like the way you are explaining how you are going to achieve your goal. Here is a link to my blog
    Blog ya later

    1. Hi Dora Thank you for your amazing comment and yes those are my favorite brands. I will come on you blog as soon as I can. I bet you have so much exiting things on your blog. Blog you later