Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What do I think about...

Week 4 activity 12: So I have to tell you what I think about the government’s decision to restrict the number of tourists able to visit this special site. If it’s fair? I must be sure to tell you why I feel the way that I do.

What was easy was making it look pretty.
What was hard was deciding what my answer was. By the way I didn't choose one answer I choose both.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy.


  1. Kia ora Kohl-Lee,

    Congratulations on your consistent effort in finishing the Summer Learning Journey activities. You have kept all your activities bright, knowledgeable and exciting! I know Dani, Georgia and I are really proud of you. I hope you are proud of yourself as well :)

    Thank you for your honesty Kohl-lee. Sometimes it can be hard to make a black and white decision (one or the other decision), this is because there are so many pros and cons (positives and negatives) for both options, making it harder for us to answer. This is when we need to look into research to see if there are any major differences that could help us come to one answer, but guess what, sometimes that still isn’t enough!
    I think you have done an awesome job in backing up why you feel like it’s unfair or fair. You are right, tourists are there to see the beautiful landscapes of Machu Picchu, but then on the other hand they are damaging the landscape. It is a tricky question, but well done on this answer.

    Awesome work! Don't forget you can earn extra points by commenting on your fellow peers posts. These needs to be positive, thoughtful and helpful comments that are 3 sentences long.

    Blog you later!
    Georgia E

  2. Kia-ora Kohl-lee,
    I really enjoyed geysing over your amazing work today. I loed reading this awesome post about ristricted accses. I agree, it is outrageous that this accses to this land is ristricted. Keep up the great work!

    Nga mihi,