Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What does your family think about banding plastic bags?

Week 4 activity 11:So I have to tell you what my family member thinks about countdown’s decision to stop using plastic bags.

What was easy was writing what my mum thought.
What was hard was nothing really.

Here is my work I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Mōrena Kohl-Lee,

    This is such a relevant topic, the plastic bag ban has only been in place since 2018 and it was quite a quick change. Thank you for sharing both you and your mum’s opinion, it is really good that you are talking about environmental changes/impacts with people.

    Yes it is true that although New Zealand has planned to ban ‘single-use’ plastic shopping bags over the next year, companies such as Countdown still use plastic bags. Although they usually come as a cheap cost of 15 cents, they claim that they are reusable because of the thickness. That is how they are able to still sell plastic bags, even if they are just reusable for a few trips before breaking. Hope this helps you better understand why they are able to ban plastic bags but then continue to sell alternative plastic bags. Here is a link if you did want to look into it:

    Can you think of any ways you can reduce your plastic use? Well done on your critical thinking that you have done for this activity. I look forward to reading your comment back.

    Blog you later!
    Georgia E